Wednesday, September 21, 2011

End of an era

I received a letter from Atlantic Publishing that my subscription to Miniature Wargames magazine has expired. I am of course aware that my subscription was running out, and was in fact wondering which issue would be my last.

I have been a subscriber for over ten years and own around two hundred copies of the title... and that's the problem: I am running out of shelf space. Fortunately, there is now a digital subscription available. I may not be able to browse the magazine in bed as I do now, but it does represent a savings of 45 pounds a year.

I will still keep my subscription to Battlegames though, even if they do have a digital version available. On the balance I find that I do read more of each issue of BG compared to MW, and I guess I still like opening the mailbox to see a new magazine delivered.


Rodger said...

It is still nice to be able to sit down with a mag.

Anonymous said...

you need to get a ipad

Dale said...

I agree; I find I get more material from BG than from MW. I still get BG and WI in paper form.

Maybe it is time to take those savings and get an iPad? :^)