Sunday, September 18, 2011

Blood Bowl Game 2

FG and I managed to play the second half of our first game and also complete the second game in the series this afternoon.

The second half of the first game was quite hilarious.

We rolled a Pitch Invasion on the Kick-off Table and a few players went down.

FG made a hole in my line and one of his pestigors charged through. My Anubis ran back to try to head him off.

My players managed to block the pestigor, and Anubis successfully picked the ball up and made a run for the endzone...

only to be blocked in turn! The other pestigor picked the ball up...

And was quickly brought down. Anubis stood up and picked the ball up again...

only to fall over during a 'Go For It'!

Fortunately there weren't enough Nurgle players left to stop him getting up and picking the ball up again. He finally made the touchdown, but the MVP for the game was awarded to a skeleton!

None of the players gained a level in the first game, so we went on to the second one.

The second game was brutal for the Nugle team. Their lack of Rerolls and the fact that the Undead team is a bashy one means that their main advantages of having a Beast of Nurgle and their Disturbing Presence were negated. My Black Khnum (Wight) and Anubis (Ghoul) each managed to score two touchdowns, although there were several casualties inflicted by both sides.

By the final drive, I had 7 out of 12 players to start, while FG had 7 out of 11. The Nurgle coach is not too happy... perhaps they need more than one cheerleader?

Going into the third game in the series I have a Team Value of 1130 vs. 980 of the Nurgle Team, but that's before FG has bought player/s to fill the slot of one of his Rotters who will be missing the next game due to injury.

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