Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Meet the new team

With two-and-a-half games of our planned seven-game league played, I reckon it's time to finish the job I started more than five years ago and complete my fantasy Greek-themed Blood Bowl team.

They are a proxy for a Chaos Dwarf team - I confess that my decision to put together this team was based mainly on the desire to field a minotaur, and of course the Chao Dwarf team also allowed a Bull Centaur... it was a no-brainer!

So the minotaur represents a minotaur, the Shadowforge Dark Temple centaurs Bull Centaurs, the Wargods Spartan Warriors Chaos Dwarf Blockers, and the Shadowforge Dark Temple warrioresses Hobgoblins. In addition, the RAFM centaur (the huge one) was meant to represent a Bull Centaur Star Player, although within the time-frame of the league we are likely to play I may in fact use it for my starting regular Bull Centaur. The Eureka Pan/satyr figure was meant to represent the Hobgoblin Star Player. The Chorrim figure I just bought because I was buying the centaur - what's a fantasy Greek collection without some sort of a giant?

They are all ready to go, except they lack a team name... so if you have a suggestion, do leave a comment.

Thank you.


Dan said...

thats pretty cool, very atmospheric.

Paul O'G said...

Great team with a great theme - love 'em!

captain arjun said...


Here are the pics on how I made the dial thingy. The basic components are a Heroclix style base, a few slotta bases, and a metal tab of some sort.