Saturday, October 29, 2011

Quick & Dirty Dice Tray

When I asked the guys if they wanted anything from Istanbul, Martin asked for some Turkish Delights. On the recommendation of the hotel staff (a post-grad student doing a thesis on the Bronze Age Collapse; we had interesting conversations - maybe I'll write more about him another time), I went to Koska. They had dozens of selections for just Turkish Delights alone, but when I saw this package, I just knew I had to get one. In fact, I got four, which proved to be quite a weight to carry home.

After finishing the contents of the first box, I gave the box a quick wash (may have been a mistake as there was minor warping afterwards), glued a piece of green felt wahj got for our FPW game (sorry), and I have a brand new dice tray for tomorrow's game!

It's not high quality wood or construct, but it took minimal time and I have 2 more boxes to use... provided the other fellows don't ask me for one each so they can make their own!


Rodger said...

Great idea.

SteveHolmes11 said...

There are so many ready-made gaming accessories available now.

I really enjoy homemeade kit like this, it seems to carry forward the improvisational spirit of the likes of Featherstone / Grant...

Perhaps I'm an old codger, but to me it seems a more authentic way to wargame.

captain arjun said...

I think part of the fun of this hobby comes from using things which are not designed for wargaming to wargame. :)