Saturday, September 29, 2012

Class Photo

It took about twenty years, but here they are now.

All 2000 points of them, and every one of them painted by myself.

There are the women of the scout squad, the three tactical squads with flamer/meltagun and heavy weapon, and sergeants with melee weapons, the assault squad accompanied by the chaplain, the terminator squad with flamer and assault cannon, the Thunderfire Cannon with Techmarine, the dreadnought, and the command squad with the Captain, standard bearer, apothecary, champion, sergeant, and veteran.

The core of this force started almost twenty years ago with just 15 figures in three squads which I meant vaguely for some sci-fi skirmish game. When Thomas and Adrian started painting their 40K armies last year, I decided to refurbish my force and well, one unit led to another and pretty soon I was gunning for a full 2000 point army, thanks to fg who supplied me with many of the figures.

It's perhaps a testament to GW's staying power that one can still easily buy figures for a line that is in fact 25 years old.

Now to take a break and get ready for my 15mm Attalid Pergamenes and perhaps finally learn the Impetus rules...

Added: The army by daylight.


Simon Quinton said...

Nicely done the proxy figures mix in well and the paint scheme ties them altogether nicely

captain arjun said...


A dark colour like Dark Angel Green hides a multitude of slack painting, I must say. :)