Sunday, September 30, 2012

St Teilo's Church

A while back I traded some figures with Matt. Since I didn't want any of the figures he had on hand, I took him up on an offer of a scratch-built building.

After browsing through the pictures of some historical buildings he took on his blog, I asked for a church building based on St Teilo's Church, pictures of which I have posted below:

We decided on a single-hall structure, and Matt went off to work...

Two months later, I picked up the church from the local post office, and what I saw was simply stunning. I'll let the photos do most of the talking. I've posed it inside a walled enclosure I bought off ebay and the trees I recently bought.

A wounded knight seeks sanctuary at a church

The gate swings open, and he is greeted by the friar and a lay follower of the church

The porch is removable. Note also the Celtic Cross made by Matt

The door swings open...

Matt has recreated the interior of the church too!

"Lie down upon this table and rest, my good sir."

The bell in the belfry actually swings!

I don't think anyone could have made a better trade than this one. :)

Added: Matt's post on this building here.


Rodger said...

Excellent trade! That is a very fine looking church.

wardy-la said...

Lovely stuff! Very jealous of that.
Good use of the pmc enclosure too :)

Ubique Matt said...

Hi Arjun,

Glad you liked the models and that it all actually arrived safely!

Very nice set up, your photos are far superior to mine - but that's hardly surprising ;)


captain arjun said...

Thanks once again, Matt.

I hope this hadn't led to other wargamers beating down your front door asking for a church of their own!

Atreides1974 said...

Wow that's stunning! the interior is so cool! something like dat sells for at least US$30!