Sunday, September 09, 2012

Triple weekend

We had a bit of a party atmosphere this evening as all seven of us were able to make it for the session. Cocktails, beer, cakes and chips, War movies playing in the background... it's all good.

I had to split my main table into two and mobilise my coffee table to accommodate three games.

On the larger part of the main table Adrian and Thomas played their first game of 40K 6th Edition.

Thomas' Blood angels
Adrian's Eldars

 On the coffee table fg and wahj learned Impetus by playing.

wahj's Cathaginians bear down on wahj's Romans
On the smaller part of the main table Rick and Martin replayed the Battle of Corunna (the Rio del Burgo and Corunna Bay conveniently dividing the table from the giant (28mm) aliens and superhumans battling it out with outlandish gear.

The French push the British off Monte Mero

I spent most of the time helping Rick and Martin with the rules.

Corunna was fought on a rather narrow frontage, which scaled to a mere 2 feet in Age of Eagles scale.

As in the historical battle, the rough ground meant that the French cavalry didn't do much (in this case they did not move at all after the first turn), and it came down to an infantry fight.

Rather than to fight over Elvina as their historical counterparts did, Rick sent two of his divisions to his left to outflank the British position on Monte Mero, while Martin sent his reserves to counter the move. After much to-ing and fro-ing, the French had advanced much further than they historically did, but the British still held their own and held the road leading towards Corunna.

I think we are growing to enjoy AoE, and fg and wahj didn't think that badly of Impetus, so I guess we can settle on the rules bit and get down with the business and painting and playing from now on. There was a question of whether we should move into WW2... let's see, guys... let's see.


Simon Quinton said...

Sounds like it was a great evening. Lots of nice figures in those pics

Sean said...

Sounds good, looking forward to more campaign reports. And I like the Eldar thing you made. It came out well.

captain arjun said...

Thanks, guys.