Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Toy Overload!

Two packages arrived in the mail today for me, and fg handed me some more Space Marines to round up my force while I passed him some LOTR figures wahj passed to me earlier. It's all good.

Anyway, this is what I got today:

First up are these 15mm AB French Napoleonic infantry in pre-1806 uniforms. I got them because they were the only non-Legere unit DPS had on their ebay store at the moment and I wanted to buy a unit on impulse. Unfortunately they missed my request on basing the skirmishers on standard bases. No matter - they still look capital and will add variety to my force.

Then there are these 54mm plastic figures from the Russian company that makes Robogear. They come in semi-hard plastic and look quite good. I've posed them next ti my Perry WOTR infantry and on 40mm bases for comparison.

And then there's the one I've been really looking forward to: the cannon that came with the orcs.

I've planned to use it as a Thunderfire Cannon with the tracks from a Robogear vehicle, but looking at the whole package now I am inclined to paint it as is. I've also asked fg for his Devastator Squad Sergeant to use as a Techmarine because I don't really like the over-the-top way those guys look. I really like his pose and his gear, which give the impression of an artillery spotter, and the cannon looks suitable Gothic Sci-fi.

Lots of painting ahead of me...


fatgoblin said...

the cannon looks really cool!

the orcs are quite nice too, look very old school, if you can change the head to the classic citadel ogre look they will paint up quite awesome!

Simon Quinton said...

thats a nice looking cannon, I woudl keep it as is as well.

What do you plan on using the orcs for?

captain arjun said...

I'm asking a friend who is painting orcs if he wants them. If he doesn't, I'll see if I can trade them off for something.