Friday, September 06, 2013

Bloodletter Demon of Khorne

I bought a few Khorne Berzerkers models along with this Bloodletter Demon for the Juggernaut model it came with.

Unfortunately, when I primed them with Army Painter's spray paint the paint frosted over. I kept them in a box, until earlier this week I decided to strip the paint with Dettol (who first came up with that idea?) and re-prime them.

The frosted over again.

Dunking them back into the jar of Dettol, I tried to search for another spray red paint that would give a good result. I decided to try Tamiya, specifically their Mica Red paint.

As it happened I came across a store that sold Tamiya spray paints the next day, but they didn't have Mica Red in stock. The staff recommended Kyosho, which appears to be a parallel range.

Wary of trying them on my Berzerkers again, I picked instead the Bloodletter Demon.

The paint gives a semi-gloss, sparkly, dark red, which looks good on a car, but I am not too sure I want for my Berzerkers. You can see the paint on the sword held by the demon.

Anyway, this has convinced me to go the traditional way of priming my Berzerkers back and then painting them red "from the ground up". Might be a while before that happens though...

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Sean said...

Sorry to hear about your painting troubles.