Friday, September 20, 2013


L to R: GW LOTR, Celtos, Red Box, Celtos, Reaper.

It took me a while to decide if I wanted valkyries in my Norse Dwarf warband, but once I decided, the choice of which ones exactly to buy was simple.

The two valkyrie figures above are Celtos Vanir (dwarf) figures (shown here without their wings), which happily match the rest of my dwarves. They do look rather sexist in their scale-mail one-piece, but then the whole concept of valkyries is just high school boys' fantasy, if Vikings had high schools... . Like their god Thor, they are based on Fantascape resin bases.

A little plug for Roy of Fantascape: the bases are well-cast with almost no defect (only one bubble on one of the bases), and they sit flat - I do hate resin bases that wobble because of an uneven bottom.

Roy also makes an Egyptian range of bases, which I bought a couple packs of because they look so good (and so I can have an excuse to start an Egyptian faction later...), so if you are planning an OGAM warband it's worth heading over for a look.

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