Sunday, September 01, 2013


After a long break, I decided to start working on my Perry WOTR/Warhammer Empire figures, but met a problem with my primer.

The primer beaded on the figures, and I was forced to spray it on thick to cover the beading up; as a result, much of the details on the figures were obscured.

Fortunately, I have painted their pavises (which have no game effects) a while back, and hopefully they draw the eye away from the poor painting on the figures.

Coming up next will be the ten handgunners, half of whom wear the riveted jacks which are a pain to paint...

There are still a lot to paint before I can call this project "completed" - eight more archers, half a box of foot men-at-arms when Perry releases them, and replacing my current ECW pistoliers with the Perry light cavalry (armed as mounted crossbowmen). All that will take me past 1800 points in WHFB; beyond that I can probably top up to 2000 points with magical items, or there is always the option of bulking my halberdiers to 30 or 40 figures, either by painting more figures or using unit fillers.


Rodger said...

I like them! Very nice work Sir!

Sean said...

Shame about the primer snafu, but htey still look pretty good.

captain arjun said...

Thanks, guys.

I guess for a mass-combat game they will look OK. :)

Simon Q said...

Never mind mate they still look good though.