Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Lledo Days Gone vehicles

I bought these two Lledo Days Gone horse-drawn vehicles from ebay for our Victorian games.

I broke the hitch on the M&S wagon off while trying to pry the horses off..

As you can see, the vehicles themselves are about the right size, but the draught horses look more like ponies.

Curiously, while they used the same horse models for both wagons, the drivers came in different scales! The driver for the Fuller's wagon is about the right scale, but the M&S one has to go. Sadly, my Clydesdale seems too big for them. I need some horses which are in between these two in size.

The artwork on the wagons are probably wrong for the period, but I don't think I will repaint them seeing how nice they look. I particularly like the beer wagon, and can see it being a scenario objective in our games...


Simon Quinton said...

The carriahes/wagons are great. I have to agree that the horse are rather small. I must look myself to replace the ones I have as well.

captain arjun said...

I think the fact that the humans are based may accentuate that. Maybe I can try basing the horses too.

Sean said...

The wagons look good, and I think trying a base under the horses might do the trick.