Wednesday, January 22, 2014

"Denizlere Hakim Olan Cihana Hakim Olur"

"He who controls the seas, controls the world."

Avci Class Destroyers
Here they are - the first squadron from my Dystopian Wars Ottoman Naval Support Group boxed set.

I didn't paint them as per the "codex", choosing a blue that I hope mimics the slate blue of the Blue Mosque. The colour I picked is FolkArt Light Periwinkle, which looks about right after a wash of Army Painter Dark Tone. The white is Martha Stewart Crafts Wedding Cake.

I chose to keep the scheme simple; there are just three non-metallics and three metallics: brown for the deck, white for the "walls", blue for the roofs, and silver for the guns and ladders, copper for the pipes, and gold for the finials.

The sculpts are incredibly detailed and almost daunting to paint, but at this scale I reckon I can get away with my usual block-and-wash method.

Next up should be the surface skimmers.


Atreides1974 said...

I must say "job well done!" From the photo it looks fantastic and I'm sure on the table it would look great!

captain arjun said...

Thanks, bro.

These are the smallest ones - the bigger ships may be less forgiving...