Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Scibor Dwarf Miner OR Frostgrave Dwarven Runesmith

As many other wargamers who have blogged about their New Year resolution, I too am aiming to buy as few figures as I can this year. I try not to start any new army, but additions to existing armies is fair game.

With that excuse, I bought myself a dwarf miner figure from Scibor to use as the wizard of my Frostgrave warband.

The dwarf wizard searches the ruins of Frostgrave for ancient magical artifacts.
As my left foot is in a cast, I couldn't get out of the apartment to spray-prime. Fortunately, fg brought over some brush-on primer so I could get some painting done. I really like the result and will definitely be using brush-on primer for my more detailed figures from now on.

The figure was a nice sculpt as usual from Scibor; the beard was a delight to paint. I did the minimum work on the figure: snipped off the pipe on the back of his hat and also candle on the front of his hat and filled in the bowl of the reflector, and he looked less like a miner and more like an Orthodox priest. He had a vest of scaly leather, which I painted in the copper that I use for all my dwarf figures - I guess it was made from the hide of a Copper Dragon. I was tempted to convert the pick-axe to a hammer, but then the pick-axe looked nice and I figured it wouldn't look out of place on a wizard who is exploring an arctic environment.

Hmm, is this the way? The backpack is well-sculpted. I stained the hem of the greatcoat with some Devlan Mud.
Or is it that way? I should really have brought a compass...
I've also ordered the Scibor Dwarf sapper to be his apprentice. Hopefully that figure arrives soon and I can get it done this week.


Laffe said...

Very nice and characterful figure! Excellent painting!

Phil said...

Great paintjob...ans scenery!

Simon Quinton said...

Nice paintjob and he's a great looking character fig.

captain arjun said...

Thanks for the kind words, gents.

The dwarf sapper arrived in the mail yesterday and should be done today or tomorrow.

Unknown said...

Hello fella,
Can I ask where you got the background scene in your photo? Spot on.

captain arjun said...

Harry, the background is apparently a screen mod for Skyrim which I found by googling.

Here is the link:

And here are some other nice backgrounds too:

Unknown said...

Thanks very much.
I had tracked it down doing that very search.
It looked so good I thought it might be some sort 'official' backdrop.
What did you do just drop it to a colour photocopier at A3 size?

captain arjun said...

I have a colour laser printer at home that takes A4 size paper. It's not ideal but works for single figures. It also allows me to print out all sorts of backgrounds to fit the theme of my figures. :)