Friday, January 10, 2014

Scibor Dwarf Sapper OR Frostgrave Runesmith Apprentice

As promised, the second Scibor figure:

Again, this is a very nice sculpt, although there were some casting issues in the form of flash and bubbles. The scroll he holds in his right hand was actually a stick of dynamite (as are the ones in his backpack you will see below), but I shaved of the fuse and I think it looks passable as a scroll. I painted his cloak grey as those of my dwarf rangers, and I think he can do double duty as a messenger/courier for my dwarf army. I gave him a standard blue robe but added a yellow trim to the hem as a mark of elite status.

"It's getting dark, master - do we really have to explore the ruins at night?"
Master and apprentice use backpack from the same range, as evident by the stitching.
As my Frostgrave warband is dwarf-themed, and my wizard is an Enchanter or artificer type, I am thinking of adding some sort of Iron Golem ("construct" in game terms). Time to trawl ebay for some cheap plastic figures then...

Me experimenting with a bit of creative lighting and post-processing.

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Evan Hughes said...

I do like the Scibor dwarves, and these pics show them to good advantage. I especially like the catacomb/dungeon scene.

Well done!