Friday, January 17, 2014

Frostgrave Playtest 3

With my wizard and apprentice painted, fg and I met for another session of Frostgrave, this time with some rule updates/amendments.

We used the Dungeon Command tiles fg just bought for this session:

The two warbands enter a dungeon.
My dwarves, led by my new figures, bulked to maximum size.
fg's Necromancer has decided to hire goblins instead this time.
"Ooh, treasure!"

"Okay, maybe that wasn't such a good idea." - A genie is released!
For the second game we decided that the magic glyphs printed on the tiles are teleporting portals which will teleport a figure to another random glyph, and that each turn a magical construct will "spawn" at a random glyph.

The Necromancer casts a 'Wizard Eye' to get line-of-sight on the dwarves without exposing himself to attacks.
The dwarven Runesmith thwarts him by casting a 'Fog' spell in front of his 'Wizard Eye'.
Goblin and zombie attack a dwarf warrior while another goblin tries to drag the treasure away.
The use of teleport portals means the warband members are scattered across the board.
The dwarven Runesmith teleports to the Necromancer's exit area, hoping to rob the goblins of their treasure. On the bottom left corner, a dwarf warrior fends off a magical construct.
There were some rule changes as the author considered the feedback from the playtesters. To me, the biggest change in the dynamics came from restricting figures carrying treasure to half-moves - this made it possible to let others do the sometimes risky work of collecting the treasure and just robbing them later. Slower movement rates also compelled other figures to hang around the treasure-carriers to provide security, and makes the game very different from the mad rush to grab treasure and then run off before the opposing warband can get you.

With fg's wizard hitting level 20, we have decided to restart the campaign with new warbands, perhaps wizards from other schools of magic.


fatgoblin said...

first game of the year!

joe5mc said...

Great looking games, guys! Thanks for the help.