Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Yet more rats

I think I've developed a bit of a Skaven addiction.

This is the third horde I have refurbished for Thomas and fg - I buy half-painted units off ebay, make up enough for a horde, touch them up, make a unit filler if required, and a custom movement tray, and we have a horde ready for the table.

These 35 figures came more completely painted than the few lots I used for the other two hordes, so all I needed to do was to paint the eyes and dot the catch-light on them, paint the faces, and do a bit of touch up of the blue and silver, then wash the whole lot. The flocking was simple but effective, so I kept it original and flocked and painted the movement tray to match.

Closer view showing the command figures. I like the way the previous owner did the standard.
For the unit filler I once again used a 60mm x 40mm MDF base and the bits from my Tehnolog Castlecraft kit. This time I wanted to depict the skavens coming out of a sewer outlet. The Castlecrat parts fit just nicely on a 40mm square base which I then glued to the MDF base, creating a step. I glued two strips of plasticard on the sides on the inside of the sewer, and painted the "sewerage" part a dark green, and then smeared white glue over it once it is dried to create the water effect. Once the white glue has dried, I washed it with a brown wood stain to give it that, er, realistic look and a sheen.

Close-up of the unit filler

Rear view showing the interior of the sewer and a giant rat.
I enjoyed putting together this unit, and am bidding on more figures to do up another one. Wish me luck on the auction!

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