Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Blood Bowl 2021 League Round #1

We played the first games of our Blood Bowl league on Thursday.

My Skavens faced the dwarves in their first game. Winning the coin flip, my skavens managed to 'cas' a dwarf slayer in the first turn, and score on the second turn. From then on it was a game of attrition as the dwarves methodically took my players down one by one, with one player escaping death due to the presence of an apothecary.

FG handled the dwarves boldly, scoring two touchdowns, and by the time I was receiving again I was fielding seven players against his eleven.

My Thrower lost a point of Strength, and I decided to drop him from the team. One of the Blitzers managed to gain a total of 6 SPPs due to the MVP roll, and I gave him Mighty Blow - hopefully that advantage will result in a positive feedback mechanism that will see him gain more SPPs.

At the end of the first round of games, the league table is:

Badland Brawlers: 3

Kazak Killers: 3

Middenheim Marauders: 0

Skavenholme Scallywags: 0

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