Wednesday, February 03, 2021

Blood Bowl Pre-season Game

The Skavenholme Scallywags play the Middenheim Marauders

FG, Adrian, David and I got together last week to play a game of Blood Bowl Season 2 - well, it was two games, each played to a half, so that makes one game...

We gave the rules a try, agreed on the league rules, and then generated a league fixture using a website that does those things. We are fortunate enough that my tabletop can accommodate two pitches at the same time, and that we have two pitches and enough dice to go around. With luck, we should be able to start the season in two weeks.

My skavens will be playing the dwarves in the first game. Hopefully I come out of it with enough players for game 2...

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SteveHolmes11 said...

2 parallel games sounds like a great spectacle.
It takes me back to University days with multiple games of rugby, football or hockey taking place on a big spread of pitches.
In the summer the same ground provided three or four cricket pitches.

It's good to see the Scallywags out there in all ready to play.
My last blood bowl was 2nd edition (The one with the Astrogranite field) back in 198?.
Skaven were fast but fairly weak, and always struggled against the heavily armoured dwarves.

The skaven could sometimes score with a long risky pass, or by overloading one flank to let a runner through.
They tended to lose a lot of injured players, and always struggled on defence, finding it difficult to prevent dwarves bulldozing straight down the centre of the field.

May they bring you victory!