Wednesday, September 01, 2021

Imperium Immortalis Infantry

I managed to paint up a few more of the Imperium Immortalis figures from the kickstarter. As with the cavalry, these are beautiful figures, but they are difficult to assemble - I have probably more than two dozen foot figures from the kickstarter, but I decided to only assemble and paint up the minimum number I need to play Trench Hammer.

The figures below are the engineer from the kickstarter; the body of the HMG gunner is actually from Mad Robot Miniatures, and identical to the one I used for their opposing army - the body of the HMG gunner and the tripod from the kickstarter looked so difficult to assemble, I gave up without even trying. The gun itself is also from the kickstarter, although the tripod is from another maker (I forget which), and the pintle is just a bit of a plastic sprue, while the ammunition and ammunition box are from Anvil Industries. I also decided against assembling and painting a gunner's assistant, and instead will use the engineer figure as the assistant, or a Forward Observer if needed.

The engineer figure is probably my favourite foot figure from the lot, as it exudes attitude and character.

The next three figures are specialist figures, which I plan to use to designate a squad as a specialist squad, being the grenade-launcher squad, the flamethrower squad, and the assault squad respectively.

The assault specialist is actually just a standard trooper from the set. I chose th one which I thought was easiest to assemble, and added pauldrons to him.

The makers of these figures did their research, and the equipment of these figures resemble those of the German Infantry in WW1. The same is true of the flamethrower. I added the regiment number of the assault trooper to the pauldron, as I did with the Warzone figures.

Finally, we have the officer figure and the sniper. The officer is obviously overdressed for the battlefield, but he was a fun figure to paint. The sniper is a nice figure too, and I wasn't quite sure what colour to paint his cloak, but I decided on a plain sand colour in the end.

The rear view of these figures showed my use of the Kromlech weathering powder.

 Now that these figures are done, I hope to use them in a game of Trench Hammer tomorrow.