Thursday, September 16, 2021

Sludge Infantry Unit and Jaegers

I completed the last of the three units of Line Infantry for the Sludge project.

As with the other units, I added some scenic items on the base, in this case some fence sections I had in my bits box. I plan to use space on the command base for Stress tokens/die.

I also painted up the remaining figures as Jaegers. I'm not sure how important they are in the game, but it is good to have the option to field some skirmishers.


Grah said...

I had a try of Turnip28 on TableTop Simulator - there's a T28 rule test mod. The Skirmishers or Chaff in Turnip28 at least are quite useful. They bleed off the heavy volleys from enemy fodder nicely without getting too shot up in return.

I quite like the rules as fun rules in a fun setting althouth I couldn't work out what you were supposed to do with the 'officers' other than for using their single order each turn.

captain arjun said...

As long as you and your fellow players agree, I guess you can house-rules things for the officers to do.