Tuesday, September 07, 2021

Sludge Infantry Units

I will probably take better photos of these two units when I complete painting the force, but I am excited to share some photos with my readers and the Sludge FB group.

These are pretty 'vanilla' as Sludge infantry go: Perry WOTR bodies with Perry ACW arms. They are painted in the same livery as my WOTR/Warhammer Empire force. You may notice that the command bases look different from the line bases - that's because I cheated and simply glued the command figures from my other units onto a 40mm square base.

The figures are not easy to put together, since I decided on painting the bodies separately from the arms. They paintjob is sloppy, but fortunately the Sludge aesthetics is rather forgiving.

The project does leave me with lots of ACW figures without arms, and already I am thinking of an ACW-themed sci-fi force...


Grah said...

Your figures look great - almost a bit too clean for the Sludge vibe maybe.

Has anybody played Sludge yet? It is a great idea but if the gameplay is bad it will not take off and then I'll have another army I never use.

I did a couple of ACW sci-fi figures a long time ago. Green stuff flak jacket, Silver full face visor, black musket body 'laser rifle' with red barrel and silver barrel straps with a power cable going back round to the battery (classic AC water bottle painted up a bit). Looked good but one of the many projects I never followed up.

captain arjun said...

Hi Grah.

Yes, the figures are cleaner than they should be, especially the command base. Other than the Line Infantry and Jaegers, the other units like artillery, cavalry, and foot knights are from my existing WOTR army, so I didn't want to 'sludge' them up so much that they totally don't match.

I haven't actually played the game, and looking at the rules I suspect they may be too complicated for my liking. That said there are other options like Turnip28 and The Men Who Would be Kings, and no doubt others if Sludge doesn't work out.

Grah said...

No problem with using the same figures in two different genres. More power to you!

I love the Sludge idea and some of the conversions out there, your's included, make me want to start putting an army together. We all like fielding exotic units and these fit that bill very well. But I will resist for the moment until I get an idea of the gameplay.

Is Turnip28 a published ruleset? Don't know much about that one other then pictures of others' conversion attempts of course.

captain arjun said...

Turnip28 is a free, evolving set of rules which you can find here:


The rules are much simpler, it seems. I like the rule about musket smoke obscuring vision, but none of the cults appeal to me.

Grah said...

Cheers captain,

Nice and straight-forward. I am not sure I would include the cults either.

I might give the rules a play and proxy in some figures first. I have a bunch of Flintloque Elves I can use for one faction. Add in some 100YW figures I have and that is half a battle. I have a few Flintloque line-orcs too for the opposition. Heavies for those would have to be Pre-slotta Citadel Orcs. The odd Orc Archer. Maybe wolf-rider or Boar! cavalry.

btw the more I look at your bare-header leader figure the more impressive he gets. You have brought out some real the character in him. One tough nutter!