Sunday, September 19, 2021

Machination Studio Maxim Gun Galloper with Imperium Immortalis crew

I got the Machination Studio Maxim Gun Galloper a couple of years ago with the intent of using it for my Warzone figures. As I have already painted a Tehnolog T-Rex for the Imperial faction, I wanted to paint the Galloper for the Bauhaus faction.

The original model is 1/35 in scale, so I had to do some work on the 'cockpit'. I cut away the Maxim Gun mount, and added a platform made from Tehnolog bits, and added a ladder made from some plastic mesh I had.

The torso of the crew is from an Imperium Immortalis heavy weapon crew figure, but I decided to give it the head of a cavalry trooper on the account that the walker would probably be under the cavalry arm of the army rather than the artillery arm. The arms come from a trimmed down Mad Robot Miniature crew figure, and the weapon is the Grenade Launcher from Imperium Immortalis, which happens to fit right into the slot in the gun-shield.

I bought some Army Painter barbed wire from a store earlier this week, and so I decided to add some scenic element to the base and depict the walker stepping on and neutralising some wire obstacle.

The gun-shield has a large surface area, but thankfully there was already some texture on the piece. I did some chipping work on the gun-shield and other surfaces, but at this scale they are not really visible at tabletop distance and to my aging eyes.

I did heavier weathering on the muffler, and applied weathering powder to the 'hooves'.

The legs on the walker are not really square, as you can see from this rear view, but somehow the crew platform is level.

While I was assembling the model I wondered how the driver was supposed to see where is is going and what he was shooting at, and when I was painting the weapon I found the answer: he had some sort of a viewscreen which gave him readings taken from a camera/sensor on the front of the weapon, which you can see in the front view of the walker. I imagine the role of the walker as a trench-buster: the elevated position of the weapon allowed it to lob grenades into the trenches in a sort of semi-indirect fire.

This will likely be the last model I paint for the whole project; next up will be some wire entanglement sections.


Jim H said...

Fantastic! Stealing idea, socking it away for later.

SteveHolmes11 said...

Looks very nice.

It occurred to me today that the best design for a walker is probably a crab.

8 legs for walking, so always stable.
Tough exterior.
2 claws where you can stick the shooty/stabby bits.

captain arjun said...

Nature must agree with you, hence the phenomenon of carcinisation!