Friday, August 03, 2012

Dux Bellorum

I came home today to find an unexpected package in the mailbox which turned out to be my playtester's copy of Dux Bellorum.

The physical production value is high, as one might expect of an experienced publisher like Osprey.

There is lot of eye-candy inside, with plates from previous Osprey books and pictures of miniatures from several manufacturers in 15mm and 28mm.

I've posted about the rules before (click on label below to read the previous posts), but the feeling right now of holding and flipping through the print edition of the book is a feeling of belonging to a wargaming community.

In the Acknowledgement section Dan thanks the playtesters and the people in the hobby business (I know...) who helped him: Henry from Battlegames, the people behind Khurasan, Gripping Beast, Wargames Illustrated, Nick at North Star... I suspect that all these people helped Dan in this project probably without payment in return (except for perhaps a copy of the published rules) partly out of the fun of being involved in producing a set of wargame rules, and partly because Dan's enthusiasm and passion for the Arthurian period is so infectious.

The basic rules are easy to learn, but there are enough optional rules to tailor the game and the armies to your vision of the Dark Age.

I used my 1066 armies in the playtest, but now I am thinking of using them with my LOTR figures, perhaps with foot in 3 x 2 and mounted in 2 x 1 formation...


Anonymous said...

It is a proud moment to see your contribution printed and appreciated.

Simon Quinton said...

Well said. Looks rather a nicely laid out book.