Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Killa (Film) Kan Done!

It would have taken a single evening if I had all the parts, but here it is anyway.

After fiddling with a few options for the shoulder joint, I decided to just glue hexagonal nuts to the can. I glued the legs in a walking pose, but left the ankle joints free for now so Thomas can pose it how he will on the base.

The right arm with the buzzsaw is from a Warmachine jack. The flamer arm is from the GW Killa Kan set, but I've glued magnets on both sides of the arm so it can be attached to either side.

I only have one other option, the rockets. Again, it can be attacked to either side on the can.

Much of the model is pretty bare, but I guess I can leave it to Thomas to add more bitz or otherwise decorate it with painting.

I can't remember how much it cost me to get the bits, but on the whole I don't think this represents a big savings over getting a Killa Kan. Still, it was something I had to do. I think I was a Mekboy in my past life...


Simon Quinton said...

Looks fantastic. Sometimes those itches need scratching...well or some cream

fatgoblin said...

looks a bit skinny and naked! but I always loved killer kans.

need to add armour plates, and rivets, some sort of hatch I guess.

For the hatch, find something round, and add one side of the metal pop button (no idea what it is called, you know what I'm talking about?)

captain arjun said...

I know what: the top of a pot of citadel paint!