Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Resina Planet Khaos Gor

I came across the figure in the centre of the picture - a Resina Planet Khaos Gor - while ebaying for stuff and thought I would add it to the ranks of my small beastmen warband.

Unfortunately, despite its name, the figure's size is closer to that of an Ungor than a Gor, especially when you notice its delicate legs... It's still a nice figure, regardless.

I suppose I will convert him into an Ungor hero of sorts using the Ungor bow bits I have, and lose the back-banner.


Simon Quinton said...

Nice mini, perhaps have as a superfast leader relying on speed over strength

captain arjun said...

I dunno... the guys are all teasing him about missing leg day at the gym... :D

fatgoblin said...

maybe have him as a shaman instead.

extensive horns does not belong with ungors. Besides, the ungors currently are embedded in your unit so should not have a hero.

should be easy to convert into a staff of somekind.

How many shaman do you have already though?

Or how about maybe an adolescent prince?

Looks like metal? I thought resina planet would be resin??

captain arjun said...

Like you say, I already have a shawoman.

It can be an Ungor Halfhorn, which is like a Greater Ungor or inbetween an Ungor and a Gor.

Ungor, Halfhorn, Gor, Foe-render, Bestogor, Gouge-horn, Wargor, Beastlord.

captain arjun said...

Yes, it's metal. Quite soft too. I'll let you have the banner for your skavens since it's got a couple of bells on it.

fatgoblin said...

now i just need to get some whistles!