Tuesday, August 28, 2012

We all need a little impetus...

I've been finding it hard to complete my unit of pistoliers the past couple of weeks, but something happened over the weekend which prompted me to finish them this evening... more of that later.

Here they are.

The flag is based on the coat-of-arms of the House Duggan - I grafted the lance from the Perry mounted men-at-arms box as I thought the Warlord ECW cavalry one looked too "modern".

Now I have to prep, prime and paint the dismounted version of these guys.

Back to the story as to why I suddenly found the impetus to complete them.

During Sunday's session Martin mentioned that he was in the process of painting up a 15mm Alexandrian Macedonian army and asked if we wanted to do something in that period. Remembering that wahj had a large Republican Roman army, I thought we could play one of the Macedonian wars. wahj then told us that he also had some Carthaginians painted, which meant we needed a little bit of alternative history: Philip V lands on Italy and links up with Hannibal!

Some discussion on the ruleset followed, and we decided we would try to give Impetus a try. The use of mini-dioramic bases stirred fg's and my interest, and I now find myself pledging to field a DBA-sized Attalid Pergamene force (after having visited Pergamon a few months ago), which should work out to a subgeneral and three units. fg has yet to decide between another Hellenistic Greek contingent and the Gauls/Galatians. The best thing is our forces can play ally to either side, which will lend us more flexibility in the structure of our campaign.

Purchase is likely to take place next month, with the campaign scheduled to start perhaps December, depending on how fast we paint.

Meanwhile, I really want to complete the dismounted version of my pistoliers - I've got a specific scenario in mind for them, you see...


Maxamillian said...

When i read impetus in the title i thought it might have soemthing to do with that game! Nice looking pistoliers and good look with the new project!

Simon Quinton said...

Sounds good. Look forward to your 15mm project to.