Friday, August 10, 2012

The army of my friend is my enemy

A plug for fellow gamer and friend Thomas, who blogs at Sanguinius' Blood.

Thomas' "thing" is Blood Angels ("Boo! Hiss!"), and some of his boys once fought mine in a FUBAR game as seen here:

His enthusiasm in the (GW) hobby is infectious and has inspired me to refurbish my small force of Space Marines (which, in my defence, I bought and painted for sci-fi skirmish games other than 40K, you understand...) which I am in the process of bringing up to a codex-adhering, chapter-approved 2000 point army, as well as embark on a few conversion/kit-bashing projects. Our upcoming project involves kitting up a Robogear Condor as a Stormraven to provide his boys with a little air support. He still has some ways to go before he completes his Twilight, er, I mean Blood Angel army, and I am really looking forward to seeing him start his Ork army afterwards; like I said, I'm a Mekboy in a previous life and I suspect I will go nuts gluing plasticard and rivets to toys once the Waagh spirit takes me.

Do hop over and have a browse - hopefully that will encourage him to paint and update more frequently. :)

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Simon Quinton said...

Very nice. I'm selling some 40K stuff over at LAF mostly marine plastics if your interested take a look.