Sunday, August 05, 2012

Christmas in August

It's been several months since we had a session (as fg put it, he had to scroll up his GPS record to find my address), and Rick was joining us for the first time in years. When they arrived, everyone had a present for me!

Thomas brought me the Mage Knight Keep and Wall Pack Adrian got me (thanks, bro!), fg passed me some of the old 1993 plastic Space Marines, Rick gave me two thick Napoleonic tomes, and wahj gave me a signed copy of Michael Shermer's book - I've actually been thinking about getting it since I read a review on Amazon.

We played a game of Robo Rally and then spent the rest of the afternoon talking about our plans and projects. Happy days.


Anonymous said...

Looks like Christmas came early. :)

Simon Quinton said...

Lots to enjoy something to play with, something to paint and something to read. Win Win Win!