Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Hugh "the Hammer" Duggan 2

A game this coming weekend means I had to cut back on the painting this week to tidy up my place. Still, I managed to get the dismounted version of the pistolier captain done.

This figure is made with parts from three different boxes of plastic figures. The trunk, lower limbs and left arm are from Warlord Games' "Firelock Storming Party" box set. These are the closest foot troops I could find to the ECW cavalrymen. However, they come only in one pose (excepting the two metal command figures in the box which I don't need and have traded with Matt from Ubique), and the two arms options provided both carry a musket. Still, it was an easy job to cut the weapon off and glue the hand back in a suitable position - this is the reason why I prefer to work with plastic.

The right arm is from the ECW Cavalry box set, and originally held a sword, which I replaced with the hammer - once again, plastic = easy gluing.

The head comes from Wargames Factory's WSS Spanish Cavalry set. I have no idea why the box contains this head option, but I was happy to find it on a bits store. The head is a little smaller than that on the cavalryman, but I think it will pass muster.

There are of course differences in the details of the uniforms between the mounted and foot version, but the hammer identifies the captain, and the standard and trumpet will identify the standard-bearer and musician, while the other troopers will be armed with either the sword or the pistol, so it's all good in game terms. Their multiple roles as missile and melee troops and mounted and dismounted troops will allow them to fulfill a number of functions in a scenario.

This is a little more cutting and gluing than I would like to have to do, but thankfully I am only going for a unit of 8 (which means 8 horses, 8 cavalrymen and 8 dismounted figures...). I hope I can get them done by the end of the month.

Here's a shot of the two versions of Hugh "the Hammer" Duggan side-by-side.


Simon Quinton said...

Nicely done sir.

Maxamillian said...

The mounted man has a bit more hair, but other than that they look the same. Good job!

Rodger said...


Ubique Matt said...

Great looking set of figures, Arjun.