Saturday, August 11, 2012

Land Speeder Storm WIP

To show you just how much a non-fanboy I am, I only just yesterday read about the Space Marine Land Speeder Storm which is a Land Speeder customised to transport a scout squad.

Now I've been thinking of getting my girls a ride, but didn't want to use the GW model, so once again I went into Mekboy mode...

A night of googling did not turn up anything I want, so I decided the best way to start would be to go down to the toys section of my local mall on my way back from work today.

This is what I got.

It's a "made in China" die-cast toy car with a pull-back drive system. It measures 5" bumper-to-bumper and is just about the right size. It's all of S$6.90, which is like US$5.50. It came in blue or yellow. Even though I know I am going to paint it over, I still got the blue one.

Two screws hold the main components together.

With a pair of pliers I removed the headlights, the axels and wheels (including the drive system which looks like it has future orky applications...), and the rear half of the cabin piece...

 leaving this as the main structure to build upon.

The main problem will be covering up the spaces left by the wheels - I'll be looking at ebay later to find some bits that are suitable, failing which I will need nmore plasticard.

I realise I won't be able to actually fit my scouts inside the cabin, but I plan to at least get a driver figure.

This might take a while...


Simon Quinton said...

A nice start cool idea.

captain arjun said...

Thanks, Brummie.

I think I'll get some Robogear kit for the require parts.